June 18, 2016

Snuggle conversations

Mom: I love you so much brayden. 

Brayden: I love you too. 

Mom:  I think you are very special. 

Brayden: thanks ... I do too. 

"Momma why are you laughing"? 

June 9, 2016

Living it!

After a weekend away with family, we are reminded of how thankful we are to have each other. I have a wedding/travel post but for now I'm dumping these cell pics from my phone. 

Fun at sunsplash!
Happy campers return home. 
They LOVED it up north for girls camp. 
Kayli is prepping for big invitation and more opportunities. 

I'm an editing machine of some beautiful family photos. Kayli & Saylor. Love. 
Daddy runs off to golf with brayden 

while kyler is in NYC with Paulette and Sutton. Fun!
A last photo from our trip before I crash for the evening  and dream about that peaceful water in North Dakota. 

June 1, 2016

Diplomas & Dimples

Dimples & Diplomas. 
We've had a lot of them this week!

Brayden from kindergarten. 
Brooklyn from elementary school. 
Kayli from middle school. 

Phewwww I'm glad last week is over!
Smiles all around. 
So proud of these graduates of mine. 
I'm also pretty grateful that I finished up a goal of mine --just in the nick of time--

Yep. I'm certified. 
Not just certifiably crazy (maybe a little). 
But certified as a wellness & life coach!
I finished with a 98% on the written. 
And 100% on the practicum. 

Insert. || Happy Dance ||
And our celebration of Summer's well-earned ReSt.  

May 26, 2016

Treasures in the trash

I dove head first into the piles of paperwork the kids' backpacks have been spilling this week. 

Admist the trash, chewed off erasers, nubbed crayons and graded homework lies a few tiny treasures to remember. 

I opened Brayden's daily school folder and smiled.  
I remembered him starting kindergarten this year and being a bit apprehensive about how it would go being away from me all day.  

After the first day, he said "look mom, I wrote your name and dad's name into my folder so it makes me happy every time I open it at school. 

It's these little things, scribbles, and thoughts that I appreciate and want to remember.
 It's hard to believe this chapter is closing. 

Our last kindergartener is moving up! 

May 25, 2016

The end is near

I can see the light at the end of this!

School's winding down, sports season just ended, 
-it's graduation, party, and celebration time. 

It's where the fruit of many months of hard work & labor show themselves. 
While the crazy hours of practices, carpooling, homework, projects can be 
tedious and long...

they've each been recognized and rewarded in classrooms and activities. 
Most importantly, I've seen so much growth on the insides of them and watched them truly thrive and bloom. 

Also blossoming is the messes in our house in this crazy season of overstuffed calendars. It's too much to keep up with this week. 

Some of my fave blog posts are glimpses 
of the sights & perspectives of our home and calendar, right where we are in life. 

Games (Brooklyn's softball and Kyler's baseball) have been taking the majority of our weeknights. B's started at 7:45 pm and would keep us out until nearly 10 pm. I think us parents should gotten trophies at the end of the season, ha! 

Anyway I walked around and snapped some cell pics of what the "end of year" wrath has left on our house. 

Papers, binders, backpack contents, remnants of hard work, scattered around. Waiting for a slow in schedules to be cleaned, purged or filed away into scrapbooks. 

Laundry and pool towels that leave evidence of the abundant fun had by lots of kids. 

Parties prepped and awaiting the bustle of happy 8th grade graduating girls tomo night. 

I love our "lived-in" home. 
I love the hub of activity that is a constant confirmation of what the sign says that hangs by our front door:

A place where you're allowed to be exactly who you are. 
A place where things don't have to look perfect and everyone is free to grow, change and be. 

I'll probably be known as the lady with the untidy house and smiling kids but..

it's an intentional decision to place my priorities exactly where they are. 

"Love grows best in houses just like this"

May 15, 2016

Gearing up for summer

Gearing up for summer 

our family begins gearing down. 

These six days a week that have been overstuffed with lessons, games, scouts, recitals, programs and practices- not even including academic/school commitments- they are ending soon. 

I have so much to update to this little blog of ours.  I'm excited to catch it up to speed/refresh it with a new look coming soon. 
Until then, I will smile as we enjoy the final weeks of the school year and celebrate our change of pace that's so close we can taste it! 

(shooting/editing some photos as a graduation gift for some cute sixth graders) 

Beyond proud of these four driven children, who have big heart and determination. They've worked so hard and truly each done their best in what's been in front of them. 

Here's to a couple more weeks of tying up loose ends and resting in the summer schedule ahead. 

May 13, 2016

Raising a tween_____

So many ways I could fill in the blank to that  ___sentence..

#bestofdays #worsoftdays

And any mom of a tween, 

She would understand.