October 16, 2016

photography studio office sneak peek!

It may have taken me a year to say...
but I'm finally putting the finishing touches in my studio.
For all the tips, tricks and inspiration-
+ a sneak peek into our journey,
go to 

September 17, 2016

My Saturday Jam

6 AM and it's Saturday. 

Which means no ones up early to hustle and bustle out the door.  The house is still and quiet. Soccer games kick in this morning but that's hours away. 

Sleeping in has become a new treasure since school resumed. 
I was up early as the sun rose. Our temps dip into the 60's if you're up before 6 AM. Count me in for that. 

This Montana girl at heart, is drawn out like a magnet -from my cozy bed onto the patio- for cooler temps, my bible and that golden light that dances off the water and through the trees. 
It sets my heart straight and refreshes my mind. 
A new day to be grateful for. 

September 15, 2016

Fall fun

September 10, 2016

Saturday sleep-in's

Sleeping in today and other luxuries that I have missed ... 
We are eeeeeasing our way back into fall schedules. Kayli has started valley performances back up (today) and John was a gem to take her. 

Other than that, only Kyler has soccer practices & Brooklyn/Brayden haven't yet begun their fall "extras".  Happy dance!

Academics seem to be more than enough to adjust to as we come down from our summer travels and freedom :)

Everyone who knows me knows that fall is heavenly to me. The crisp seasonal smells, "fresh starts" of a new school year and comfort foods that I love to serve to everyone who's over. 
Today, as John drove Kayli to her phoenix performance, I took the opportunity to fill the crockpot with fall flavors. This slower pace meant I could even pause enough to freeze time for a blog post. I've really missed journaling our happenings and memories. 
I moved slowly, lit seasonal candles/filled diffusers, turned the jazz music up. Although they tried to hide, I coerced the boys & "extra" kiddos into helping scrub/vacuum (they work in exchange for sugar cookies) 
While I purged cabinets and organizers, I remembered how quickly they become overstuffed with papers, planners and schoolwork. And -as I do every year- I silently vowed to myself to not become buried in that again
This is my year to StAy organized! 
But for now, I'm going to enjoy the cleaned space, fresh opportunity to organize again, and the grace I'll give myself for probably never becoming "on top" of this mom gig. 

I'm looking forward to so much this coming season; even when my best intentions become buried in life's beautiful mess. 
 Life really is good even on days that it isn't. 

June 18, 2016

Snuggle conversations

Mom: I love you so much brayden. 

Brayden: I love you too. 

Mom:  I think you are very special. 

Brayden: thanks ... I do too. 

"Momma why are you laughing"? 

June 9, 2016

Living it!

After a weekend away with family, we are reminded of how thankful we are to have each other. I have a wedding/travel post but for now I'm dumping these cell pics from my phone. 

Fun at sunsplash!
Happy campers return home. 
They LOVED it up north for girls camp. 
Kayli is prepping for big invitation and more opportunities. 

I'm an editing machine of some beautiful family photos. Kayli & Saylor. Love. 
Daddy runs off to golf with brayden 

while kyler is in NYC with Paulette and Sutton. Fun!
A last photo from our trip before I crash for the evening  and dream about that peaceful water in North Dakota. 

June 1, 2016

Diplomas & Dimples

Dimples & Diplomas. 
We've had a lot of them this week!

Brayden from kindergarten. 
Brooklyn from elementary school. 
Kayli from middle school. 

Phewwww I'm glad last week is over!
Smiles all around. 
So proud of these graduates of mine. 
I'm also pretty grateful that I finished up a goal of mine --just in the nick of time--

Yep. I'm certified. 
Not just certifiably crazy (maybe a little). 
But certified as a wellness & life coach!
I finished with a 98% on the written. 
And 100% on the practicum. 

Insert. || Happy Dance ||
And our celebration of Summer's well-earned ReSt.